Life At Nature's Pace

About Life at Nature's Pace


A world where thriving individuals of all ages live their truth in a healthy, conscious, joyful, embodied, whole-hearted way.


To provide ongoing and lasting tools for healing, well-being and connection in a safe space for all humans.


Life at Nature’s Pace values mindfulness and authentic connection as vital components to whole-hearted living. Our offerings inspire and support mindfulness and connection to self, connection to others and connection to the Earth.


Slowing down, pausing, breathing in your surroundings, whether you are alone or among others, brings about awareness in our typically hurried lives. Mindfulness is a first step to enjoy the magic of living a life at nature’s space.

Connection to Self

Self-knowledge, self-acceptance and self-love create the foundation for confidence and healthy boundaries. Connecting to oneself is an enriching, lifelong commitment that engenders authenticity and courage.

Connection to Others

Being able to establish a true connection with anyone whose path you cross sparks compassion, kindness and empathy. Recognizing the humanity in others gives you the skills to be in community with those around you.

Connection to Earth

Respect and admiration for the natural world comes from a rooted place. When you spend time outdoors and deeply know that you are a unique part of nature, you become a steward of the Earth and her creatures.





Internal Motivation

Open Communication


Meet Kim Corrigan

Life at Nature’s Pace is a mentorship organization founded by Kim Corrigan. She is a multi-passionate entrepreneur who has been working with children and adults for over 30 years in different capacities: as a dance teacher, a coach and personal trainer for elite athletes, and a certified holistic and sports nutritionist. She expertly invites and supports people to find the best within themselves.

Ever a soul-seeker, Kim’s personal journey has brought her to a place of valuing authentic connection above all else. Since 2015, Life at Nature’s Pace has represented a culmination of Kim’s extensive experience being a guide and mentor. As a Waldorf inspired home educator to her son, Kim has been sharing her nature-loving, learning journey with other children at a weekday program on her homestead as well as summer camps. She is also a trained coming of age mentor for young people, who focuses empowerment, healthy boundaries, self-knowledge and self-love.

In her work with adults, Kim finds joy in gathering to teach workshops that encourage healthy living, self-reliance and creativity -- she loves all things handmade. As a Women’s Circle mentor, she encourages healing and growth through the deep work of self-exploration and reflection in a safe and sacred space.

Kim is a cetified SHERPA Breathwork and Cold Immersion Coach, and loves supporting and guiding people in breath and into the cold, witnessing the limitless potential and resiliency we all hold within.

Kim’s passions for physical and emotional health, personal growth, mindful living and nature connection intentionally touch everything she offers at Life at Nature’s Pace.