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Breathwork Journey

Breathwork is different for each person. Each experience will be different. The journey begins laying down in a comfortable position, taking a moment to check in mentally, physically and emotionally. After finding baseline breath, we begin to use our breath to tap into our deeper selves. 

During our breathwork journey, you may begin to release stuck patterns of your nervous system and emotions that you have been holding onto. Different emotions may surface including anger, frustration, sadness, peace or joy. You may find yourself wanting to cry, scream, yell and so on. All of your experience will be welcome. Physically you may feel tingling in your fingers and toes, you may experience body temperature changes or some light-headedness. All of this is normal and when you return your breath to baseline, your physical state returns to normal. Your experience is supported with music that allows for a deeper, more intimate experience.

Breathwork is a powerful journey with the self. It is not a comfortable experience. There can be discomfort. The magic lives in the discomfort; the discomfort of opening ourselves in order to release, and grow.

Benefits of Breathwork

:: reduces stress and anxiety

:: increases energy and boosts immunity

:: lowers blood pressure and improves circulation

:: helps manage pain

:: strengthens lungs

:: improves mood and self-esteem

:: releases toxins

:: improves sleep

:: helps manage depression

:: increases muscle tone

:: supports healing

:: improves digestion

:: improves focus

:: increases creativity

Breathwork is incredible! Join me for a class and see for yourself. 

Breathwork Journey: A Journey With the Breath

When: Thursday March 30, 2023

Time: 7pm to 8:30pm

Investment: $35.00 (HST included) 

Ages: All humans, age 18 and over

Where: The Rise Gathering Space, 245 Simcoe Street South, Oshawa

Facilitator: Kim Corrigan 

Join me for a Breathwork Journey. We will gather in The Studio and take a journey with our breath, opening ourselves to a beautiful and powerful experience.

Please arrive by 7pm to land and settle into the space. We will  begin promptly at 7:15pm. Our journey will begin with tea and check-in, and a little discussion on breathwork. We will then move into our journey. After our journey there will be time for integration and sharing before we close our evening together. 

Please bring the following with you:

:: yoga mat

:: blanket(s)

:: pillow

:: water bottle

:: your favourite mug for tea

:: journal and pen

:: anything else you need for comfort

To register, please connect with me at [email protected] 

Registration is now open to all humans, ages 18 and over. There are 10 spaces open. 

***Please refer to the policies page before registering for any programs

Upcoming Breathwork Journeys

Thursday April 13 (hosted at Rising Spirit - connect with them to register at [email protected]