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Celebrating Motherhood

Celebrating Motherhood

When: Tuesday's - October 11, 18, 25, November 1, 8, 2022

Time: 9:30am to 11:30am

Exchange: $167.00

Ages: New Mothers and their babes, birth to 4 months

Where: Our homestead, 3294 Durham Regional Road 20, Pontypool

Facilitator: Kim Corrigan

Celebrating Motherhood is a 5-week workshop/gathering for Mothers and their newborns (birth to four months) that aims to support you as you step into your journey of motherhood. Each week we will gather together to share our journeys, connect to ourselves, each other and your baby, learn to co-regulate through breathwork and celebrate this transition. Each session will begin with connection before moving into a restorative and co-regulating breathwork journey. Your baby will join you on this journey, lying comfortably on your chest, or snuggled up beside you. After breathwork and co-regulation we will gather in circle to reflect, discuss and share around the topic of the day.

Week 1: From Maiden to Mother

You are not the same person you were before your baby arrived; you are now a Mother. This is a rite of passage that is no longer recognized in our society. This session is about celebrating you; offering you the gift of a rite of passage and the space to acknowledge the shift and all of the feelings that surface, both light and dark, during this time.

Week 2: Mothering Values

There is no other time in our life when you will be so overwhelmed with suggestions, ideas, beliefs, comments and more about how you ‘should’ Mother. Here’s the thing, there is no rule book; what it really comes down to is what is important to you and your partner. This session is about tuning in and finding your truth on this journey, what is important to you, what do you value as a Mother, what words, ideas, phrases will you come back to again and again on this journey to support and guide you. In essence, you will be creating your Mothering Mission Statement.

Week 3: Mothers Intuition

You have all the answers inside you, I promise you, you do. When we are quiet enough, and tune out the world of ‘shoulds’, you are able to hear the quiet whisper within. It is this quiet whisper that will be your rock throughout this journey. This session will support you in leaning to hear and trust your inner voice.

Week 4: Mothering You

In order to nourish another, we must first nourish ourselves. This session is all about nourishing you. What is nourishing to you? Where will you find the time? How do you let go of the guilt that may come with taking care of you? As you find some clarity around these questions, you will step more deeply into your role as Mother as you learn how to Mother yourself on this journey.

Week 5: Connection and Community

After 5 weeks together, we will spend this session connecting, with a less formal gathering. The space will be open for questions and concerns, and we will flow in whatever way the morning takes us.

To register, please connect with Kim at [email protected] Registration is now open to six Mothers and babes. 

Please refer to the policies page before registering.