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Mother Son Circle - What the Heck is Happening? 

Navigating puberty can be a tricky time for our young boys. There are so many messages in our world today about what it means to be a young man, and how they are "suppose to" show up in the world. Messages about their changing body, their feelings, their sexuality and more. Our boys are hungry for information, curious about themselves and how they are changing. It is time we come together, in a safe place to share and learn, and offer our boys language, guidance and love as they move through the transition from childhood to young adulthood. 

Mother Son Circle - What the Heck Is Happening? 

When: Saturday February 11, 2023

Time: 10am to 12pm

Investment: $65.00 (includes both Mother and Son, tea, snacks and HST)

Ages: Mothers and Sons, ages 9 to 12

Where: My homestead, 3294 Durham Regional Road 20 Pontypool

Facilitator: Kim Corrigan

As our young boys transition from childhood to young adulthood they have lots of questions about all of the changes they are experiencing. Join me for this Mother Son Circle - What the Heck is Happening? for an honest discussion about what is happening in the body hormonally, what is happening physically and emotionally and give the boys some language and tools to guide them through this time of change as well as answer any questions they have. 

Our boys deserve to know and understand what is happening as they grow and change, they deserve to have language to support themselves as they come of age and they deserve to be surrounded with strong guidance and support. 

This does not have to be a time of fear or uncertainty. We can, and should, support our boys so they step forward on their journey with confidence and joy, feeling empowered. 

To register, connect with Kim at [email protected]

What the Heck is Happending? requires a minimum of six registrations and is limited to ten.