Life At Nature's Pace

Nourish YOU

Nourish YOU

When: TBD

Time: 10am to 12pm

Cost: $30.00 (includes HST)

Ages: Women, age 18 and over

Where: Our homestead

Facilitator: Kim Corrigan

Our you craving connection? Real authentic connection? Do you fee lost, unsure of what your place is in this world and how best to share your unique magic? Do you hear a voice within, calling out to you, and need time and space to tune in and hear what this voice is sharing?

If so, join me for a morning of connection, tea and nourishment.

We will begin our morning with a short hike in the woods, connecting to nature through breathwork and mindfulness. Following our hike, a short tea ceremony guided by music to soothe us into stillness and allow us to tune in and open to the quiet whispers within. Kim will them guide you on a journey to invite you to move deeper inwards, hearing your call within. Journal reflection and sharing will bring our morning to a close.

This is a morning of deep nourishment and connection and you have full permission to show up as you….all the feels, all the energy, and be held in sacred space with other women and Mother Nature. 

For more information or to register connect with [email protected]

The morning is open to fifteen women. 

***Please refer to the policies page before registering for any programs.