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The Hormone Academy for Mothers and Daughters 

Navigating puberty, adolescence, and young adulthood comes with many challenges, both for young girls and their mothers. At times, both can feel misunderstood and disengaged, but it doesn't have to be that way. What if our young girls could step into womanhood with joy, intentionality and strength? Imagine if they understood the perceptiveness, assertiveness, strength, integrity and wisdom of their bodies. What if our young girls felt empowered to take charge of their own well-being? What if our young girls were educated about the incredible and intricate workings of their body? What if our young girls thrived on this journey, feeling loved, supported, understood and happy?

Can you imagine?

Within the The Hormone Academy my desire is to educate young girls, ages 7 to 17, and their mothers, about the beautiful gift of the menstrual cycle. Because it is a gift, one that has been shamed and misunderstood for far too long.

Together, we will dive into understanding puberty and exactly what is happening in the body hormonally, physically and emotionally, the seasons of the menstrual cycle and how to use the "superpowers" in each phase to support you in your day to day life, charting, nutrition, movement, PMS solutions, menstrual products, and so much more.

So many women I work with share with me how much they wish they had the information I share when they were young girls, and how that information would have changed how they treated and felt about their body. And so, I am bringing it to young girls and their mothers. Together, we will learn how our body works, and how best to support it.

The Hormone Academy for Mothers and Daughters offers online and in-person workshops to support Mothers and Daugthers as they journey this path, together.

Upcoming fall dates will be posted soon.

Please refer to the policies page before registering for any program.